How To Turn Off Seatbelt Alarm 2020 Camry

How To Turn Off Seatbelt Alarm 2020 Camry – Easy Steps

You might not find any Toyota Camry 2020 user who did not feel the seatbelt alarm boring. Especially those who are using this car for years. But what is the solution to this issue? How to turn off seatbelt alarm of the 2020 Camry?

This discussion has the aim of solving this issue. We will show you some easy steps to turn off the seatbelt alarm of this car. So, without making any delay, let’s start.

Why Need To Turn Off Seatbelt Alarm Of 2020 Camry?

If you are driving a car with an advanced safety system, such as the Seat Belt Alarm, it may trigger if your belt isn’t fastened tightly enough. The Seat Belt Alarm will sound several times and constantly flash until you correct the problem. One such car is Toyota Camry 2020.

But this safety feature sometimes becomes boring. If you take some bags on your passenger seat, the alarm will continue flashing. This is really boring. In this situation, you need to turn the alarm off.

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Can You Turn Off 2020 Camry Seatbelt Alarm?

Yes, you can turn off the Seat Belt Alarm of your 2020 Toyota Camry. The following section has some steps that will help you do this. But we think you should not turn off this alarm forever. Sometimes you may forget to fasten the seatbelt where you need to do.

As this is a safety feature, and it helps you to be safe. Also, this alarm keeps you away from seatbelt law. This will also remind you about your safety. Thinking about this, you need to decide about turning off the alarm.

How To Turn Off Seatbelt Alarm 2020 Camry?

To turn off the seatbelt beep on the 2020 Camry, the first thing you need to do is get into your car, close the doors, and follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Sit comfortably on your Car’s seat and turn on the ignition without activating the engine. In an Automatic Lexus Toyota car, press the engine start button twice without pressing a brake paddle.
  • Step 2: Use the trip computer button to move to the odometer on display. If the display is already showing the odometer, skip this step.
  • Step 3: Now, It’s time to turn the ignition off. But remember, put on the seatbelt, but don’t plug it in yet. And again, activate the ignition without starting the engine.
  • Step 4: Press and hold the trip computer button for around twenty seconds. Now, you have to plug in the seatbelt. 

If you have followed all the methods correctly up to now, the seatbelt message will appear and let you choose if you want to turn the beeping off. Use a trip computer button to change and set the beeping to Off and you’re Done!

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Is It Good To Turn The Seatbelt Alarm Off?

There are pros and cons to turning the seatbelt beep off on your 2020 Toyota Camry. On the one hand, it can get a little old having the alarm continuously going off every time you take your seatbelt off.

But on the other hand, some people might find this feature helpful if they have kids who need to buckle up in their car seats. Overall, it’s up to you whether or not you want to turn the seat belt alarm off.


In conclusion, the 2020 Toyota Camry has a seatbelt beep that can be turned off. If you want to do so, follow these simple steps: get into your car, turn the ignition on without starting the engine and use the trip computer button to move to the odometer display. Press and hold the trip computer button for around 20 seconds until “Seat Belt Beep” appears then choose “Off.”

This was the short and brief discussion of the solution process that we discussed above. We hope you find everything easy to do. Thanks for reading from us.

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