Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Working

Why Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Working – How To Fix?

When your Toyota Camry gets too old or is in bad shape, it’s trunk release may not work. It is a common issue that is noticeable in second-hand and old cars. However, the problem could be more than one with your car’s trunk. 

Here we are going to discuss why the Toyota Camry trunk release not working and how to fix it. Some common reasons for trunk release not working are valet mode on, jammed trunk release latch, or faulty trunk release cable

You need to know the solution of all these issues. For that, you must read the whole article carefully. Before coming to any conclusion, try to open your car’s trunk again. Sometimes, the trunk gets covered with dirt. If so, try to open the trunk with more force.

Why is the Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Working?

There may be so many issues when you find your Toyota Camry trunk is not working or opening. Among them, some possible reasons may be,

  • Valet Mode On
  • Jammed Trunk Release Latch
  • Faulty Trunk Release Cable

When your Camry is set to valet mode, which will not allow you to open the trunk using the release lever. However, Valet Mode is not the only problem, the trunk may have jammed, or it might be the problem of the cable. 

These are the common issues you might come face to face when using the release lever to open the trunk. However, there could be more than one issue with your release lever, which may disable your trunk latch release.

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How To Fix Toyota Camry Trunk That Is Not Working?

For each reason, you need to follow different fixing methods. But we think the following method is best to fix the trunk release not working issue. Because this will work in every case. To fix the Toyota Camry trunk release not working problem, follow these methods:

  • Put the key into the trunk lock and turn it counterclockwise.
  • If the lock is horizontal rather than vertical, your trunk is in Valet Mode.
  • Use WD-40 Spray if the trunk latch gets stuck in valet mode.
  • Ensure that the cable is physically moving.
  • If the problem is with the cable, lever, or lock, take your car to the nearest car servicing garage or hire a locksmith.

If the issue with your Toyota Camry remains unresolved, you can take it to the garage to repair or change the trunk latch. In any case, repairing your car’s trunk could become too costly for you in the near future if you don’t get the job done by a professional. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Toyota Camry Trunk That Won’t Open?

If the problem is with the trunk latch release, it could cost you around 150$-200$. However, if the problem is different or multiple, it may cost you more than 250$. In any case, changing your trunk latch release is the best solution to avoid troubles in the future.

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Is Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Opening A Serious Issue?

No, it’s not a serious issue. Instead, it’s a common issue people often face with their cars. Due to time or continuously used, the trunk lock is either jammed or damaged. This problem is commonly noticeable with second-hand cars or old cars.

You can resolve this issue by yourself if you know the basics of cars and have essential instruments. If not, go to your nearest garage or hire a car mechanic to help you repair your car’s trunk.

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Trunk release not working is one of the most common problems seen in Toyota Camry. However, this problem is more predictable if you buy an older Camry or a second-hand version. In most cases, the trunk latch gets jammed, requiring more force to open the trunk. But if this is the case you can repair it yourself by following the instructions mentioned above.

For complicated issues, you can repair your Toyota Camry’s trunk by taking your car to a car servicing garage. However, before taking your car to the garage, it would be best if you investigate the specific problem of your car’s trunk. You can repair the problem with some basic tools if it’s a minor one. This will help you save money. 

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