How To Reset The Maintenance Light Toyota Camry 2020?

Resetting the maintenance light on a Toyota Camry 2020 is easy. Simply turn off the car, remove the battery and reinstall it in reverse order. If you have an anti-theft system, disengage it before proceeding. But many people we have seen accuse this method, and according to them, Toyota Camry still shows maintenance light even after reinstalling the battery. 

In that case, you need to follow a different method that will do everything simply. To do that, Push the Start Button twice with your foot off the brake > Press the Back Button > Select vehicle settings on the App screen > Press Ok on schedule maintenance Option > Select “Yes” and Press “Ok.”

If you have experience, then you might know what we are saying. But if you are new, then you need to read the detailed process. The following discussion on how to reset the maintenance light Toyota Camry 2020 will help you in so many ways. So, let’s start.

Can You Reset The Maintenance Light Toyota Camry 2020?

Yes, you can reset the maintenance light of the Toyota Camry 2020 at home because the manufacturer makes it easy to reset. Most people do this at home. If you cannot reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Camry 2020, and it’s not due to a system issue, is because of your inexperience.

To know how to do this, you may read the following section of the discussion. It makes the process very easy.

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How To Reset The Maintenance Light Toyota Camry 2020?

We all know to reset the maintenance light of your Toyota Camry 2020, you need to complete the regular maintenance tasks. But many times, this light stays in even after you do everything carefully. In that case, you have to reset the light manually. 

To reset the maintenance light on your 2020 Toyota Camry, first, you have to sit on the driver’s seat and then follow the following steps. 

Step 1: Pust Start Button

After you sit in the driver’s seat, you have to push the start button two times. While pushing the button, you have to keep your brake pad down by foot. You can’t avoid anything from here.

Step 2: Press the “Back” button

Once you do that, you must use the left side of your steering wheel switches. Here you will find a “Back” button. You have to press it. Look at the image below to identify the exact button.  Once you have pressed the “Back” button, you are now in accessory mode. You’ll arrow over to cure icons.

Toyota Camry 2020 Left Steering Switch
Toyota Camry 2020 Left Steering Switch

Step 3: Select Vehicle Setting

When you are on accessory mode, you will see some options coming on the dashboard screen. Some call that screen a vehicle App display.  From the display options, Select “Vehicle Settings.” You will find more options there. You will then arrow down to “Schedule Maintenance.” and select this by pressing “Ok.”

Toyota Camry 2020 Dashboard Display
Toyota Camry 2020 Dashboard Display

Step 4: Grant the Permission

When the previous steps are done, the system will ask for your permission to reset the data. You’ll err off – “Yes” and press “Ok”. Then the maintenance light of your 2020 Toyota Camry will be reseted.

Why Reset Maintenance Light Appear In Toyota Camry 2020?

There can be several reasons why a maintenance light may appear in a Toyota Camry 2020. In some cases, the light may indicate that one or more of the car’s systems needs to be serviced. Other times, the light could simply signal that it is time for periodic overhauls or repairs to certain parts of the vehicle.

In most cases, the systems that need to be serviced when the service lights are on are:

  • The airbag system
  • The fuel system
  • The emission control systems

These three are the main category, but under these categories, there are some other subpoints that you must be careful about. To know about them in detail, you may read the maintenance light guide from the user manual given with the Toyota Camry 2020.

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Can You Drive Toyota Camry 2020 With The Maintenance Light On?

Yes, you can continue to drive the car with the maintenance light on. The only thing you should do is make sure that any required repairs are done as soon as possible so that your car does not experience any complications or issues. And this can be done for a short period of time.

If you drive your car long time with the maintenance light on, it may cause many difficult situations. Some such problems are: 

  • Will not start fast
  • Your car may not run smoothly, and it might break down.
  • Your car might not be able to get good mileage.
  • The emission System will become spoiled in every way
  • Finally, for many reasons, you may get a ticket from the police.

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Resetting the maintenance light is one of the biggest challenges for the new Camry 2020 owners. We know most people are aware of this issue, but many are not. This was a try to help these people who don’t know. We hope now you know how to reset the maintenance light Toyota Camry 2020. Thanks for reading from us.

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