How To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk

How To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk – Two Easy Steps

In your first try, you must feel hard to open the trunk of your Ford EcoSport because it is not like all other cars that are available on the market. It needs a different method to follow to open the trunk of your EcoSport.

To Open EcoSport Trunk, you need to Pull the trunk release button > Pull the trunk Open lever from the tail light. Now it should be completely open. This is enough to open the EcoSport trunk. 

But sometimes, people fail to locate the trunk release button. To know everything, read the whole article carefully. So, let’s start.

Is It Hard To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk?

To some people, it is a bit difficult to open Ford Ecosport trunk. Most of them are new to EcoSport. That’s the way they find this hard to open the tank. But actually, this is easier than other car brands and models. The above method already says what you need to do to open the trunk.

You might face some difficulty in this process when you try to locate the trunk release button of this car because new users find this rarely. Actually, this is located just under the dashboard d of driver’s side.

If we say more specifically, you will find the button near the door button or above the brake paddle. Look at the image for more clear location.

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How To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk?

There is no right or wrong way to open a Ford EcoSport trunk. However, following the steps outlined in this article should help you get your car’s trunk open as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s see what these steps are.

Step 1: Pull Trunk Release Button

At the beginning of the process, you have to take the driver’s seat. Because you have to do half of the task from here. After you sit there, just located beneath the dashboard of the driver’s side, the trunk release button is there. It is used to open the trunk of your Ford EcoSport.

Step 2: Pull Trunk Open Lever

Now your Ford Ecosport trunk is half open. You just have to do the final task. To do that, come out from the driver seat, and reach to the tail light. On the light, you will see a lever to pull. You have to pull that and you will see the trunk is opened. 

If you find it hard to locate the lever, you may look at the image given here. The marked one is the lever that you need to pull. After you pull that, you will find the trunk is opened. That was all in the trunk releasing process.

How To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk From Inside?

We hope you already find how to open the trunk of your Ford Ecosport. And you already find from where you have to complete the whole process. You have to complete the process from inside and outside. Half of the process to be done from the driver’s seat and half from the back of the car. 

So, if you are searching for a process that will be completely from the inside, that can be the wrong way, according to owner manual. We hope you will be satisfied following the method we show you here.

Is Ford Ecosport Trunk Any Other Opening Method?

No, Ford Ecosport trunk is not any other way to be opened. Even though you can find different ways online to show how easy it is open the Ford EcoSport trunk, that’s just not true. Trunk of your car can only be opened in the same way we outlined here. 

So, if you have problems locating or pulling the lever from inside and outside your vehicle respectively, then we suggest consulting a professional mechanic for help before doing anything dangerous on your own.


In the end, we wanted to show you that it is possible to open Ford Ecosport trunk. And also possible just by following some simple steps. The above step-by-step guide is all that’s required in order to do so.

There are some more discussions on our site that will tell you about some problems and their solutions of cars. You may read them too to solve your issues. Thanks for reading from us.

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