How To Open Gas Tank On Toyota Rav4 2021 – Fully Explained

Opening a gas tank or door is easy more than you think. It’s not a long process. You can open the gas tank of the Toyota Rav4 2021 in just minutes if you know how to do it.

So, how to open the gas tank on Toyota Rav4 2021? You need to pull the lever below your car’s dashboard in the driver-side panel. The gas tank door will open automatically. Then you can see the gas cap inside that door. You need to remove the lid and fill in the gas.

Further, I will also discuss how to open a stuck gas tank door and how you can fill the gas on Toyota Rav4 2021. So, let’s know all about it.

How To Open Gas Tank On Toyota Rav4 2021?

It can be a little tricky to open a gas tank on Toyota Rav4 2021 to fill in the gas, but it is easy to do. You can open the gas tank of the Toyota Rav4 2021 by following the below steps –

Step 1 – At first, reach out to the release lever. You can notice a lever below the car’s dashboard on the driver’s side compartment. Pull that lever.

Step 2 – Now check the gas tank to see if it has opened. When you pull that lever, the gas tank door opens automatically.

Step 3 – You can see a cap inside the gas door. Rotate the cap anticlockwise and remove it

Step 4 – Once you have removed the cap, you can fill in the gas easily

By following the above steps, you can open the gas tank on your vehicle. But note that some cars have an electric button on the floorboard or sometimes below the dashboard of the driver-side panel. In that case, you need to press the button; only by doing that the gas door will open.

How To Fill Gas On Toyota Rav4 2021?

Now as you know how to open the gas tank of the Toyota Rav4 2021, it will be easier for you to fill the gas on the vehicle. You can fill the gas on the car by following some easy steps.

Step 1. Open the gas tank door

Step 2. Choose the right fuel for your car. Do not pour the wrong fuel into your vehicle, which may harm the engine. For Toyota Rav4 2021, you have to pour 87-octane fuel

Step 3. Now take the right fuel pump and push it into the fuel port

Step 4. Keep squeezing the pump until you fill up the needed fuel for your car

Step 5. Finally, the process of adding fuel to the gas tank is done

Please make sure that you ease the pump when you get one click or two. If you are going full bore even after getting one or two clicks, you may ruin the car as fuel will start dripping on your car.

Toyota Rav4 2021 Gas Tank Issue

Knowingly, owners of Toyota Rav4 2021 sometimes encounter stuck gas tank door problems. These problems occur due to diverse reasons, such as

  1. When the release lever or button gets faulty or broken, the lever can’t support the door to open.
  2. Again, when any damage is done to the hinge of the door or wire is damaged, the door won’t open.
  3. Also, when the hinge is too loose, it won’t help to close or open the door. So the door stays stuck.
  4. If it is too rigid, the door won’t open either.
  5. Sometimes, a blown fuse can also be a reason for the gas tank door not opening because the fuse is connected to the locking mechanism. If the blown fuse is the reason, you have to replace the fuse.

All these problems can lead you to struggle to open a gas tank. However, if you find the release lever faulty, you have to replace the lever. Meanwhile, you can open the stuck gas door by following specific steps. I am going to discuss those steps in the next section.

How To Open A Stuck Gas Tank Of Toyota Rav2021?

The gas tank may get stuck and won’t open if the release lever is problematic. So how can you open the gas tank if it’s stuck? Let’s know the process through the below steps –

Step 1. First, reach out to the trunk of your car

Step 2. Open the trunk and remove the access panel

Step 3. Now, look inside the access panel using a flashlight

Step 4. You will see a cable with which the gas tank door is unlocked

Step 5. You have to open the locking mechanism and pull out the cable

Step 6. Finally, the gas tank is open

Following the above points, you can easily open the stuck gas tank door. Please note that you have to replace the release lever as the lever is problematic, and you can’t open it manually always.


These are the most asked questions about Toyota Rav4 2021. Check out below for the answer-

Q: Where Is The Gas Tank Release Button In Toyota Rav4 2021?

The gas tank release lever is below the dashboard of the driver-side compartment. Sometimes, the lever can be electric too. So you can find a release button on the floorboard or below the dashboard in the driver-side chamber of your car.

Q: Does Toyota Rav4 2021 Have a Gas Tank Issue?

Yes. Toyota Rav4 2021 has gas tank issues. Sometimes you could face problems with the release lever.

Q: How much Gas does Toyota Rav4 2021 Need?

Toyota Rav4 2021 needs 14.5 gallons of fuel. The vehicle can go around 507-508 miles in one full gas tank.


The article clarifies the opening process of a gas tank on Toyota Rav4 2021. It is not a complicated thing to do. You can follow the instructions I have mentioned above and open the gas tank easily.

As you have read full of the article, you will know how to open the gas tank of the vehicle and how to fill in the gas after opening the gas tank. And in case you encounter a stuck gas tank issue, you can open it as I mentioned above. It’s simple and easy to do!

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