How To Turn Off Cruise Control Toyota Camry

How To Turn Off Cruise Control Toyota Camry? Detailed Guide

There are many universal and individual opinions and logic to turn off this mode. But a lot of people who are new users of Toyota Camry don’t know how to turn off cruise control mode on Toyota Camry. This discussion is for them specially.

To turn off cruise control on Toyota Camry, you just have to press the Cruise mode button from the right side buttons of the steering. By pressing the same button again, this mode will be on. You can see the state of Cruise mode from the multi-information display in the top right.

But you need some detailed information to know the exact situation and full process. Read the later parts of the article to know more.

What Is Cruise Control Toyota On Camry?

Cruise Control Toyota On Camry is a feature that can help you to drive more safely and efficiently by maintaining your speed preset in traffic. When activated, the cruise control will keep your car at the set speed regardless of how fast or slow other vehicles are moving. This makes it easy for you to stay within the boundaries of the road and avoid accidents.

This can be extremely helpful when you are stuck in traffic or want to cruise along at a leisurely pace on the highway. Cruise control works by continuously monitoring your car’s speed and automatically maintaining it, preventing any sudden stops or jerks.

Can You Turn Off Cruise Control Of Toyota Camry?

We know cruise control is one of the best features in the recent vehicles that many people want. In the same way, some other people don’t want this technology every time. If you are one of them and want to turn off Cruise control mode from your Toyota Camry, then good news for you.

As this mode is an additional feature, there is always an easy method to turn on and off cruise control mode on Toyota Camry.  You can turn off cruise control mode on Toyota Camry just by pressing one button. The detailed process is given in the following section of the discussion.

How To Turn Off Cruise Control Of Toyota Camry?

There is a dedicated button to control the cruise control mode on Toyota Camry. The location of that button is on the right side of your steering wheel. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1: Inspect Multi-Information Display

Everything about Eco mode, cruise modes, and other special settings are shown on the Multi-Information Display. So, first of all, you have to look at that screen and inspect what the present status of cruise mode is. Check if that mode is on or off right now.

Step 2: Press The Cruise Control Button

If you find the cruise control is on in your vehicle, you have to press on the Cruise control button. This button is located on the right side of the steering wheel. The symbols added on this button is of an odometer and a vehicle. See the image, for instance. 

How To Turn Off Cruise Control Toyota Camry
How To Turn Off Cruise Control Toyota Camry

The arrow-marked button is the cruise control button. If you want to turn off or on this mode, just press here. After pressing the button, you will see a message on the display that the cruise mode is turned off.

if you fail to understand our steps, watch this video. This video has some detailed information with a visual presentation.

How To Turn Off Cruise Control Of Toyota Camry?

Is It Good To Turn Off Cruise Control On Toyota Camry?

To know whether it is good to turn off the cruise control mode on Toyota Camry or not, you need to know its benefits. Also need to know which situation you are driving in.

One of the biggest benefits of cruise control technology is that you don’t have to keep your eyes glued to the road – you can enjoy the scenery around you! Additionally, cruise control makes for more relaxed driving because you’re not constantly worried about speeding tickets or getting pulled over.

Whether traveling on long trips or just cruising around town, using Cruise Control Toyota can make life much easier and less stressful. But if you don’t want these benefits or are not in that type of situation, it is good to turn this mode off.

Is There Any Problem If We Turn Off Cruise Control?

There is no problem with turning off cruise control, as long as you know the risks and understand why it’s important to do so. Cruise control allows a vehicle to maintain a consistent speed by constantly adjusting the throttle, which can result in speeding up or slowing down depending on traffic conditions. 

When operating without cruise control, drivers need to be more vigilant throughout their drives to stay within safe boundaries. ThisIncreased vigilance decreases your chances of making mistakes that could lead to an accident.


Though the cruise control mode is one of the popular features that allow drivers to maintain a set speed while driving, some people don’t like this mode to disturb their free driving. Moreover, this mode is not good in every situation and on all types of roads. So, you may turn this mode off.

We hope our instruction helps you a lot in your turning off the cruise mode. There are some more discussions on our site that you may find helpful. Invitation to read them. Thanks for reading from us.

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