How To Start A Toyota Camry Without A Key?- All Methods Discussed

Sometimes your key fob might fail, or you have just lost your Toyota Camry’s physical key. Aside from this, you may just want to start the Camry without a key. So, how to start a Toyota Camry without a key? Is it possible?

Yes, you can start a Camry without a key. You can use the push button by scanning the key fob, using smart entry, using the Toyota app, or just pressing the key fob button to start the car.

Whether you have locked your key inside the vehicle or they malfunctioned, there are ways you can start your car. Read on to learn ways to start your Toyota Camry without a Key.

Methods You Can Use To Start A Toyota Camry Without a Key?

Most modern Toyota vehicles, including the Camry, have a push-button start feature that allows you to start the engine without a key.

However, if your model is older and uses the physical key, you should use other methods to start your engine. The following table shows ways to start Toyota Camry without a key.

Scanning the key fobUse the key in the key fob to enter the car and scan the fob on the start button while depressing the brake pedal.
Remote access using an AppUse the Toyota app to start the engine remotely. However, you can only warm up the car, and a key fob is needed for the drive start.
Smart entry and startThe smart entry feature allows you to start and drive the vehicle without the key. However, keep the key with you all the time.

How To Start Toyota Camry Without a Key?

The earlier models of Toyota Camry depended on a key for ignition and to open and lock doors. The physical keys had fewer chances of failing compared to the modern ones. The newer models, however, use a remote for various functions, including ignition.

Camry TRD is also equipped with smart entry and start, allowing you to operate the car without a key. However, not all modern Toyota Camrys use a push button since the LE and SE trim only offer the push button as an option.

In case your key fob malfunctions or runs out of battery, there are various ways you can start the engine. Following are some ways to start your Camry in some scenarios.

1. Scenario One (Start Camry with Push Button, Key Fob Failed)

Follow the following steps

  1. The key fob has a button that releases the key inside. The button can be on one side of the key fob or the top side. Press the button to release the key from the key fob and take it out.
  2. Use the key to unlock the door and get into the driver’s seat. One turn right and back opens the driver’s door, but two turns open the rear door too.
  3. Your key fob has a unique low-frequency signal that it transmits using the radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip and antenna within it. The car’s computer reads and validates it when you push the start button.

If the key fob is dead or malfunctions, the computer can’t validate it automatically and must scan it. Press the fob slightly against the start button, press the brake pedal, then push the start button to start the car.

2. Scenario Two (Start Camry with Push Button, Key Fob Working)

There’s also a way to start your Toyota Camry by using the key fob, but without physically pushing the start button. The scenario is common when you want to warm up the vehicle without doing it manually. Follow the following steps:

  1.  Make sure you’re within 80 feet or 24 meters of your car.
  2. Aim your key fob at the vehicle and press the lock button three times. The first two times, press the button quickly.
  3. For the third time, press and hold the lock button for three seconds. The turn signals will flash, and the engine will turn on.

Can You Open a Toyota Camry Door with The Key Locked inside?

While losing your Toyota Fob keys is unfortunate, locking them inside is also equally disadvantageous. Leaving the fob keys inside doesn’t allow you to unlock the door unless you have a spare one. The following steps show ways to unlock your Toyota Camry with the key locked inside. 

You will need:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Cloth
  • Bendable wire (coat hanger)

Step to follow:

  1. Use the flathead screwdriver wrapped in a cloth to create a space on the door frame near the position of the keys
  2. Insert the bendable stiff wire through the space
  3. Use the wire to pull the keys while attempting to open the door. You can also use the wire to open the locks

 How To Change the Key Fob Battery?

The most common reason users face the key fob not working problems is because of a drained battery. Following are the steps to change the Key Fob battery.

  1. Open the case using a key for the new models or a flat-blade screwdriver for the older models.
  2. Learn the code of the battery that your key fob uses. Most Toyota Camrys use a CR2032 battery.
  3. Replace the battery and slide the cover back on and test your batteries. If the key fob doesn’t work, repeat the steps above. You might have installed the batteries incorrectly.


Following are some well-researched answers to the frequently asked questions. Hope the answers help clear any of the doubts you might still be having.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Toyota Camry Key?

Toyota Camry key costs between $200 – $350 depending on location and dealer. Since you must program the new key to match your car’s system, it’s best to replace it at the dealer. However, you can program the keys at home by following tutorials.

Can I start Toyota Camry Without a Key But Using An App?

Like many vehicles, Toyota also has an app that you can use to access various car features. The App allows you to start your vehicle to warm it up. You can also be able to unlock the doors and trunk.


After reading the article, you should have ideas on some ways to start your vehicle without a Key. If your battery is dead, you should buy a new one before trying other options. However, you should get a key replacement soon from your nearest dealer. Luckily for the newer Camry models, you can access the vehicle and drive away without a key, only if your Fob is with you.

The first challenge is getting into the vehicle, where you can use the spare key inside the key fob. Also, scanning the key allows you to start your vehicle while its key fob is out of batteries. However, the trick can only work for some time before which you should get a new Fob.

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