Easy Guide On How To Set Cruise Control on 2021 Toyota Highlander

If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to hit the open road with your 2021 Toyota Highlander. Setting cruise control is not only a great way to take the stress out of long drives but also surprisingly easy to do.

So, this is how to set cruise control on 2021 Toyota Highlander; press and hold the “CRUISE” button on the steering wheel. Then, the “+” and “-” buttons adjust the desired speed. Once the desired speed is reached, press the “Set” button on the steering wheel to activate the cruise control.

Continue reading to learn how to quickly and easily set the cruise control on your 2021 Toyota Highlander. We’ll also be covering the benefits of cruise control and what is adaptive cruise control.

Cruise Control On The 2021 Toyota Highlander

The 2021 Toyota Highlander is one of the market’s most popular mid-size SUV models.  One of the features that sets Highlander apart from its competitors is its cruise control.

Cruise control allows you to set a specific speed for your vehicle without using the accelerator. However, you will still need to stop and steer in most cars. But setting up this mode can be tricky for you. That is why this guide is arranged for you.

How To Set Cruise Control on 2021 Toyota Highlander?

The 2021 Toyota Highlander has various features that make setting cruise control easy and efficient. The features include lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic high-beam headlights, and blind spot monitoring.  These features can help keep you and your passengers safe while on the road.

Here is how to set the cruise control on the 2021 Toyota Highlander:

Step 1: Put the vehicle in drive mode

Ensure the car is in “Drive” and the parking brake is off. If you’re driving on a highway, you should also ensure that you have enough space in front of you to maintain the desired speed.

Step 2: Engage the cruise control

Activate the cruise control by pressing the ‘Cruise’ button, which is located on the steering wheel. The cruise control will be activated, and the indicator light will come on. Then press the “SET” button to set the desired speed.

Step 3: Adjust the speed

You can adjust the speed by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons. Also, you can adjust the set speed manually by pressing the accelerator or brakes.

Step 4: Resume to set speed

Press the ‘Resume’ button to resume the vehicle’s speed after you have slowed down or stopped. The car will then resume the previously set speed.

Step 5: Disengage cruise mode

Turn it off by pressing the ‘Cruise’ button. The indicator light will turn off, and the car will return to regular driving mode.

Safety Tips for Using Cruise Control

Here are a few safety tips for using cruise control on your Toyota Highlander:

  • Always watch for other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals in the area.
  • Never use cruise control in bad weather or areas with poor visibility, such as fog or heavy rain.
  • Cruise control can help reduce fatigue, but the driver must be prepared to take manual control of the car at any time. For instance, if you encounter an obstacle or if traffic changes unexpectedly.
  • Cruise control should not be used on winding roads, in heavy traffic, or in areas with poor visibility.
  • Before engaging cruise control, ensure the car has been serviced regularly and is in good working order. Ensure the brakes, tires, and other components are working correctly and that the windshield is clean and free of obstructions.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Cruise Control?

Cruise control provides several benefits for drivers, so let’s examine some of those advantages.

  1. It reduces fatigue by setting the car’s speed and not worrying about constantly accelerating and braking. It makes long journeys more comfortable and less tiring.
  2. It saves fuel by keeping the car at a constant speed. It is more efficient than accelerating and decelerating frequently. Also, the “coast” feature allows the vehicle to slow down to conserve fuel. This is especially helpful when driving in hilly or mountainous terrain.
  3. Cruise Control makes driving safer because cruise control allows the driver to avoid sudden braking or acceleration, reducing the risk of accidents.
  4. It makes driving easier because the Cruise control on the Toyota Highlander 2021 has intuitive controls that are easy to find and understand.
  5. Cruise control increases comfort for the driver and passengers. By setting and maintaining a steady speed, the driver can avoid sudden braking or acceleration, which can cause discomfort for passengers.

What Is The Difference Between Adaptive Cruise Control And Cruise Control?

Adaptive cruise control(ACC) is a feature that uses an array of sensors that detect the distance and speed of vehicles ahead. Here are the differences between ACC and cruise control.

Adaptive Cruise ControlCruise Control
Automatically adjusts the speed to maintain a safe distance between the car and the vehicle aheadMaintains a constant speed set by the driver
Can bring the car to a complete stop and then resume speed when traffic begins to moveDoes not automatically adjust the speed
Can be used in more challenging driving situations, such as in stop-and-go trafficCan only be used on highways and other open roads
Can detect obstacles in the road and automatically brake to avoid them Does not detect obstacles in the road


Here are some other related questions to the Highlander cruise control.

Do all models of the 2021 Toyota Highlander have cruise control?

Yes, all models, including LE, XLE, Limited, and  Platinum, have the cruise control feature.

What is cruise control with traffic jam assist?

Cruise control with traffic jam assist is an advanced driver-assist system that can help maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead by automatically controlling the vehicle’s speed and braking.

It is beneficial, especially in crawling traffic. It can also help the driver stay in the lane by providing steering assistance.


Now, you know how to set cruise control on 2021 Toyota highlander. Follow the steps outlined in this article, and you can easily set and adjust the cruise control on your car. With this feature, you can enjoy a more relaxed drive and stay within the speed limit.

Just remember to use cruise control safely and responsibly, and always be prepared to take control of the vehicle if necessary. With these safety tips, you’ll be able to set the cruise control on your Toyota Highlander and enjoy a stress-free ride.

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