Can You Use Transmission Fluid For Brake Fluid? Why Not?

You’re probably here to know if you can use Transmission Fluid For Brake Fluid. Transmission fluid and brake fluid are both fundamental liquids for your car. However, you may become anxious about using transmission fluid as a substitute for brake liquid.

Can You Use Transmission Fluid For Brake Fluid? No, Transmission fluid is entirely different from brake fluid. It works as a lubricant for the moving parts. At the same time, Brake fluid generates pressure which stops your car’s movement. You can’t use transmission fluid as brake fluid and run your vehicle. It is dangerous and can cause accidents.

Can You Use Transmission Fluid For Brake Fluid?

The simple answer is no! Most vehicles are incompatible with transmission fluid, so you can’t use it as brake fluid. Ordinary brake fluid remains stable under high heat. Meanwhile, the transmission fluid flash point is 190 Celsius; it wouldn’t last 30-seconds when using it.

Why Can’t You Use Transmission Fluid For Brake Fluid?

Transmission fluid is specifically designed for use in transmissions. Brake fluid, on the other hand, is intended for use in brake systems. Consequently, transmission fluid should not be used to replace brake fluid and vice versa. When mixing these fluids together, serious consequences can ensue, including loss of engine power and more difficult braking performance.

Transmission Fluid contains a variety of additives that are not safe when mixed with brake fluids, such as anti-freeze or silicone oil. This can cause severe damage to both subsystems and may even result in an accident. So, you should not use this for these reasons.

Differences Between Transmission Fluid And Brake Fluid

The names and using sectors says everything. You should already know what the differences are between these two. But as there is confusion regarding this, the differences should be given again. Here are the primary difference between Transmission Fluid and Brake Fluid:

Transmission Fluid

  • Transmission Fluid is a lubricant for moving components.
  • It is necessary for automatic and manual transmission.
  • It helps the transmission part of your vehicle move efficiently.
  • It also generates hydraulic pressure and friction, which lets the internal components work.
  • Your car will not proceed without Transmission fluid.

Brake Fluid

  • A Brake fluid translates the force of the depressed brake pedal into a pressure that helps the vehicle to stop.
  • It works to instantly eliminate your running car by depressing the brake pedals.
  • Your car’s brakes will fail entirely without brake fluid.

What Can You Substitute For Brake Fluid?

You can use radiator Fluid as a substitute for brake fluid. It is a blend of chemicals with credentials such as anti-freezing and anti-overheating. However, using Brake fluid is still recommended.

Can You Use Wd40 As Brake Fluid?

The simple answer to the question is no! WD40 can resist heat temperatures to 183° C., Whereas Brake Fluid dot 3 has an average dry boiling point of 270℃. So, using WD40 as brake fluid is a bad idea and not recommended. 


That was all to the topic. Throughout the article, it is clear that Transmission fluid is not an excellent liquid to use as brake fluid. Instead, Radiator fluid is acceptable as a substitute for your brake fluid. Meanwhile, WD40 is not a suitable fluid to use as brake fluid.

This is the conclusion to this topic. I recommend you use brake fluid dot 5.1 as it is the best on the market. Thanks for reading from us.

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