How To Open Camry trunk without key

How To Open Camry Trunk Without Key – Easy Method

If you have your Camry locked with the key inside or left in an unusual place, you would want to know Camry trunk opening process without a key.

How to Open Camry Trunk without Key? Get underneath the driver’s door and uncover the rubber plug beneath the trunk latch next to the driver’s seat. Use a screwdriver and push upwards through the hole; this will open the trunk.

Believe it or not, this has happened to many people. To avoid similar troubles, follow the measures mentioned below that will allow you to open Camry trunk without key.

Is It Possible to Open Camry trunk without a key?

In simple terms, the answer is yes! The Camry trunk safety goes through many locks and unlock cycles and endures less than gentle closing. You will find Dozens of manuals allowing you to open your Camry trunk in different ways. So, it is possible to unlock a Camry trunk without a key.

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How To Open Camry Trunk Without Key?

Although old versions of the Camry are unlocked by a key, modern generations of Toyota Camry come with a remote system. It allows the user to automatically open the Camry trunk without needing a key. Let’s explore all the available options for opening a Camry trunk without the key.

Fold The Rear Bench:

This method works when your Camry is qualified to fold the rear seats. You may discover two hooks located in the corners of the backrest. 

You must pull them and disengage the seat locks to continue processing this method. While following this method, it’s best to have someone help you by accessing the second lock from the other side.

You can fold the backrest into the seating area and fold it further so that the rear bench leans upwards against the front seats. This allows you to crawl inside the trunk and pull the handle to open the trunk from the inside.

However, this method may consume a lot of time and strength, so it will be best to take your car to a locksmith or bring the lock mechanism.

Use The Trunk Latch

Some generations of Toyota Camry have a trunk latch. YOu may discover it next to the gas tank latch, or near the driver’s seat. Ohh! if you don’t find it anywhere, as mentioned, try searching for it on the floor or under the dashboard on the left. It allows you to open the Camry trunk without using the key.

The Undercarriage Trick

This method consists of two straightforward steps. However, To follow this method, ensure you have a screwdriver.

  • Step One:

Get underneath the driver’s door and find a rubber plug as big as the size of a bottle cap. You’ll discover it straight underneath the trunk latch next to the driver’s seat.

  • Step Two:

Pull the plug and use a long flat-head screwdriver to push upwards. The force from the screwdriver will push on the trunk latch, which will open the trunk.

What Need To Open A Camry Trunk Without Key?

You will definitely need some basic car instruments to avoid unnecessary situations. In addition, you may need a screwdriver set to open a Camry trunk without the key. Whatever the problem, you always need a screwdriver to sort out most minor issues in your Toyota Camry.

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Is It Good For Car To Open Camry Trunk Without Key?

In short words, Yes! Though you only require a key to open the Camry trunk sometimes. It is still the most comfortable way to unlock your Toyota Camry’s trunk.

Besides, you may want to avoid messing with the car, so consider using the key or the trunk latch to open the trunk.


This was all for the keyless trunk open method for the Camry trunk. The best answers were given through this content. You may leave the car locked with the key inside in uncertain situations. To troubleshoot this problem, follow the steps mentioned in this content thoroughly.

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