2010 Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Fix

2010 Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Fix – Two Methods

One common problem for older versions of Honda Odyssey is the oil consumption problem. We have especially seen many 2010 Honda Odyssey users reporting oil consumption issues. But why this issue happens with Honda Odyssey more, and how to fix the 2010 Honda Odyssey oil consumption? This discussion aims to answer all these questions and show the path of coming out.

The main way for 2010 Honda Odyssey oil consumption fix is to change the VCM controller of your engine. Also, you can install a supporting VCM controller.  If you did this, but still 2010 Odyssey consumes too much oil, make compression and leakdown test of cylinders.

Before you do everything, you need to consult the dealer. They will help you in this case. Even Honda provides an 8-year extended warranty with their vehicles. You may take this advantage. Read the complete article to know more about this.

What Is Oil Consumption Issue For 2010 Honda Odyssey?

There are many possible causes that may reason for the high oil consumption of your 2010 Honda Odyssey. But before you go for the causes, you need to know what is standard of oil consumption for your car is. A 2010 Honda Odyssey should run around 1000 miles in every 0.5 quarts of oil.

This may be slightly ups and down based on the type of driving you are habituated to. If your 2010 Honda Odyssey is running less than 850 miles in every 0.5 quarts of recommended oil, you can call it a high consumption of oil.

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Why 2010 Honda Odyssey Consume Too Much Oil?

Before going into the fixing process, you need to know the reason for that problem. If your car is in the category of too much oil consumption, there may be the following causes.

  • Faulty VCM 
  • Leak In Cylinder
  • Compression Leak

You need to think about them when you think about fixing the issue.

2010 Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Fix

We already know why too much oil consumption may happen with your 2010 Honda Odyssey. The main reason is a faulty VCM controller that plays the duty of controlling the oil consumption of your car in different situations. Also, the leak on any cylinder and compressor may be another reason. Let’s see how to fix this issue.

Install VCM controller

The best way to fix the issue is by installing a VCM controller. This will help you get back on track and control the oil consumption of your car in a better way. There are so many supporting VCM controllers that can do your job completely.

Fix Compression Or Cylinder Leaks

If you do not find any faulty components, then another potential reason for high oil consumption may be due to compression or cylinder leak. You need to take it into consideration when fixing the problem, as this can be solved with professional help only.

Can You Fix 2010 Honda Odyssey Too Much Oil Consumption At Home?

There is no definitive answer to this question. In cases like this, you may need the help of a qualified mechanic. This is because each vehicle has its own specific oil consumption and Engine specifications that need to be taken into account when attempting to fix it at home.

If you can read this whole article carefully with some basic idea on car engine and oil consumption system, you may do this at home. But this will be risky when you are not experienced.

There are many chat forums online where you can find helpful advice on how to restore your 2010 Honda Odyssey back up with oil properly. However, it’s always best not try anything if you’re not sure what could possibly go wrong in such an attempt!

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Oil Consumption?

The cost to fix high oil consumption on a car can vary depending on the specifics of the situation. However, it is usually not too expensive to simply install a VCM controller or replace an engine component. It may take around $150 to $200 including the mechanic cost. But this completely depends on the area you live in.

In most cases, these repairs will only require basic tools and skills that most people have access to.

Is Too Much Oil Consumption 2010 Honda Odyssey A Serious Issue?

If the oil consumption on your 2010 Honda Odyssey is becoming a major issue, you may need to take it into consideration for future repairs. This could mean higher costs down the road as well. If you’re noticing that your car is not running as smoothly or sounding too rough when accelerating, then it’s probably time to get help from a mechanic.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to properly fix high oil consumption on a 2010 Honda Odyssey. A caution for you, the warranty provided by the Honda Authority may be affected by any personal issue fix. 

So, if you have the time for an extended warranty, you may consult the dealer and take help. This will save your cost and will save your car from a warranty policy. If you need any more information or assistance, feel free to reach out to a mechanic for help.

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