Honda Civic Oil Type

Honda Civic Oil Type – Which Oil Is Best?

The new users of Honda Civic have a huge confusion about the oil type of their loved vehicle. this is natural because the oil type bears a lot of significance in the car’s performance and long time condition.

To answer the question, what is the Honda Civic Oil type? We have to suggest full synthetic 0W-20 type oil. This oil type is fully compatible with Civic’s specially built engine and its feature. You also can use other types of oils but for best performance, full synthetic 0W-20 is best.

There are some more things that are discussed in this article about the Honda Civic Oil type. If you really want to know oil selection process, you must read the rest of the sections of this article.

Honda Civic Oil Type

There are so many types of oil available on the market, but for Honda Civic, the manufacturer recommends full synthetic 0W-20 type oil. This oil is perfect for Honda Civic because it is engineered specifically for Honda Civics, and it offers superior performance and longevity.

0W-20 synthetic oil has some special features like – Reduced friction and wear – Provides low fluid temperature resistance, which reduces engine noise and helps improve fuel economy. For all these reasons, the manufacturer suggested 0W-20 as the best Honda Civic oil type.

The above-mentioned reasons are very common. You need to know some more logical reasons behind this oil type used on Honda Civic. For that, continue reading the discussion.

Why 0W-20 Is The Best Oil For Honda Civic?

Honda civic engines use 0W-20 oil because it is a lightweight oil that does not contain anti-foaming agents. This means the engine will run smoother and cooler, which can extend its life.

But why does the manufacturer suggest this oil, and why general people are using this oil type for their Civic car? Also, you need to know why mechanics suggest this type oil most. If you know the reasons, you will be able to decide on oil type for other vehicles by yourself. Let’s have a look at some reasons:

  • 0W-20 oil is not as thick as other oils, and this helps your engine to run cooler, which in turn can extend its life.
  • It also has a low smoke emission level, so it’s a good choice if you live in an area with stringent air quality laws.
  • It is a light oil and as such, doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in heavier oils which can irritate engine parts.
  • 0W-20 has a high-performance level and offers good wear resistance.

Can You Use Any Other Oil For Honda Civic?

Honda civic engines use 0W-20 oil and we know there are so many logics and reasons behind this. But if you want to use any other types of oil like 5W-20, then can it be good? Can you use any other types of oil for Honda Civic except 0W-20?

The answer is no. You cannot use any other types of oil for Honda Civic except 0W-20. There are many reasons behind this, and some of them are discussed below:

0W-20 Oil’s Thickness

The oil thickness is crucial for the performance and durability of your engine. Thicker oils help in reducing friction and improving acceleration while lighter oils reduce combustion temperatures which ultimately leads to improved fuel economy. Honda recommends using synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil for their Civic. In that case, 0W-20 is best.

Honda Civic’s Engine Features

Another reason is that Civic uses a number of engineering features that are only possible with 0W-20 engine oil. If you use an oil that is not compatible with your car’s engine, it could damage these features and lead to decreased performance or even failure.

Honda Civic’s Engine Coating

Also, Honda Civic uses special engine coatings in their engines that are only possible with the use of 0W-20 oil. An incompatible oil could damage or remove these coatings, leading to decreased performance and failure.

Brands That Make Best 0W-20 Oil For Honda Civic

Now we know which type of oil is best for your Honda Civic which is 0W-20. But which brand makes the best oil of this type? Let’s see some of these brands.


Castrol is one of the best brands that make high-quality 0W-20 oil. They have a long history of producing quality lubricants, and their 0W-20 oil is no exception. One of their best oil for Honda Civic is Castrol 03124 Edge.

Mobil 1

Another great brand that makes good 0W-20 oil is Mobil 1. They offer high-quality synthetic 0W-20 oil at affordable prices, which makes them perfect for those on a budget. One of their best oil for Honda Civic is Mobil 1 ESP X2.

Some other brands and their 0W-20 oils are listed below:

  • AC Delco DexosD
  • Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel

Does Honda Civic Need Synthetic Oil?

Yes, Honda Civic uses synthetic motor oil. There are so many reasons behind this and you already know about them.  Again helping you to remember the reasons. Honda Civic uses synthetic oil due to its high-revving engine and fuel injection. The oil is designed to resist wear, making it a more efficient choice for the car.


That was all for today. We hope you find this information helpful If you get to benefit from our discussion, then this will be a success story for our team. If you have any other vehicle like Honda CR-V and want to know its oil type, then we have a discussion. We also discussed the Nissan Altima oil type. We hope they will also help you.

That was all for today. Thanks for reading from us.

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