Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Life and Replacement Cost

Toyota Prius Hybrid has first come to light more than twenty years ago but is still a huge hit for its fuel economy and reliability. But as the battery pack on the Prius ages, the fuel economy and performance of the car deteriorate.

So, how long do Toyota Prius Hybrid batteries last and cost to replace? According to Toyota, the hybrid battery pack on Prius will last between eight and ten years or 100,000 and 150,000 miles, whatever comes first. And you need to spend $2000-$4000 to replace the hybrid battery.

Let’s go deeper into the topic to know more. It will ease you to understand when to replace the battery. Also, the warranty policy will be clarified as well.

What Type of Hybrid Is Toyota Prius?

With the growing popularity of hybrid cars, we have come across different types of hybrids. A mild hybrid vehicle is where the battery pack works as an assistant to the gasoline engine. The battery pack on this type of hybrid vehicle regenerates energy from the engine.

The vehicle can solely run on the battery pack in full hybrid cars. When the engine runs in conjunction with the battery pack, it highly improves the vehicle’s fuel economy. But when the car drives on the battery, it drains the battery pack much more quickly.

A plug-in hybrid does the same as a full hybrid, but you can use a power outlet to charge the battery pack. Toyota Prius has full hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions on the market.

How Long Do Toyota Prius Hybrid Batteries Last?

Toyota Prius hybrid batteries last eight to ten years. The battery pack should last from 100,000 to 150,000 miles if we consider the mileage. But there can be variations depending on the charging routine, driving conditions, etc.

For example, if you are driving on an almost-drained battery pack, it will reduce the battery’s lifespan. It should also worsen the condition if you don’t use a proper charging routine and do quick charging frequently.

And only using the battery pack to drive through rough terrains, such as snow or mud, can quickly deplete the battery level.

If the hybrid battery is completely drained and you let it sit for a long time, it can damage the battery pack. So, the lifespan of the battery pack will mostly depend on how you use and maintain it.

When Should You Replace Toyota Prius Hybrid Batteries?

A weak battery pack on your Prius hybrid will start showing symptoms. Check for the following symptoms to know it is time to replace the hybrid battery.

Poor Fuel Economy

One of the biggest perks of driving a Toyota Prius hybrid is its unmatched fuel economy. The car is supposed to show excellent fuel economy when the battery pack is new.

But as the battery pack weakens, the fuel economy will deteriorate. And it is the first sign that you need to replace the hybrid battery soon.

Reduced Charge Retention

When the battery is new, it will only deplete when you use the battery. But as the car gets older, the charge retention rate of the battery will be reduced. You will experience automatic depletions even when you don’t use the battery. It is another sign of a weak battery pack on your Prius.

Battery Level Fluctuation

The charging or discharging process of your Prius’s hybrid battery should be consistent. If you notice sudden fluctuations in the battery level, know that the battery pack is getting weaker and will need replacement as soon as possible.

Gasoline Engine Starts Automatically

If the battery condition is well, the vehicle will run on the electric motor without any issues. But sometimes, the gasoline engine can come to the scene automatically, which means the battery pack isn’t strong enough to handle the propulsion.

You can check the failure analysis of hybrid battery packs on the Toyota Prius.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Toyota Prius Hybrid Batteries?

If you replace the old battery pack with a new one, it might cost you up to $4000. But you might get used or refurbished batteries at a much lower price. Used batteries usually cost around $1500, and refurbished batteries will cost $2000-2500.

The hybrid battery pack on your Toyota Prius is one of the most expensive components. So, the replacement should be quite heavy on your pocket. The replacement cost can vary depending on several factors.

A big portion of the replacement cost will go to the mechanic. Not all mechanics out there are experienced in handling hybrid battery packs. So, you need to hire a mechanic with sound knowledge and expertise in hybrid batteries. And they will charge between $500 and $1000 depending on where you live.

But the cost will drop drastically if you have warranty coverage. Toyota offers a free replacement warranty for the battery for up to eight years or 100,000 miles on models up to 2019. The warranty extends to ten years or 150,000 miles on later models.


Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about Toyota Prius hybrid batteries.

Should I repair the Toyota Prius hybrid battery?

Repairing a hybrid battery won’t extend the lifespan much. The process is risky, and you will void the warranty if you repair the battery.

Can I drive Toyota Prius with a weak battery?

You can drive a Prius even if the battery is weak or dead because of the gasoline engine. But it will be very costly.

Can I replace a hybrid battery myself?

Unless you have enough expertise and experience in replacing hybrid batteries, you shouldn’t do it yourself.


The first few years on a Prius can be really fun. But as the battery pack weakens, the vehicle struggles to keep up the performance and fuel economy. In such cases, replacing the hybrid battery is the best solution.

It’s pretty important for the Prius owners to know how long Toyota Prius hybrid batteries last and the cost to replace them. It will be easier for you to look out for symptoms and choose the type of battery wisely to save a huge amount.

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