How to Disable Daytime Running Lights of Toyota Corolla: Know About the Pros and Cons of DLR

Daytime running lights in Toyota corolla are very needed. But their remaining enabled all the time is not holistic at all. As a user, you must know how to disable it to avoid any kind of hassle, accident, and unprecedented events.

So, how to disable daytime running lights of Toyota Corolla?  You need to disconnect the battery first. Then, go on to disconnect the negative wires and cut some of the terminal-12 wires. Thus, connecting them back to their initial place will make your lights disabled.

That doesn’t end here. You have to be precise and careful throughout the steps. A single misleading out there, and you might be counting a lot for your car. Let’s explore the solution in brief.

How To Disable Daytime Running Lights Of Toyota Corolla?

Before we know the procedure, just know that the work won’t be simple. Yet, it can be done quickly. How? You have to maintain the steps correctly and adequately. But before going in there, ensure you have a wire harness repair kit or vinyl electrical tape. You’ll need them now and then.

Step 1: Disconnecting the Battery

It’s essential and it’s a must. Because if you don’t disconnect the battery first, you won’t be able to work conveniently there. You might face electrical obstacles with the wires and associated parts. Better just to remove the source of all the electrical supply in there.

Step 2: Locate the DRL Relay

After removing the battery and its connection, find the Daytime Running Light (DRL) relay. You can find it by removing the glove compartment. Be cheeky and careful out there because you need to re-install it later. Don’t break it.

Step 3: Locate the Blue wire

First, examine the E91 connector of the DRL relay. Once you finish that, find the blue wire in terminal 12. It is an “IG” in the EWD. You’ll find terminal-12 on the right side of the connector. To be precise, the blue wire coming out from the right side of the terminator numbering in that sequence is terminal-12.

Step 4: Cutting the Wire

Take a 1-inch wire measuring from the DRL relay and cut it out. Your disable procedure starts from here. Don’t worry; many wires are left to be used in the future. So, don’t ponder on whether you can use the DRL function again in the future. Yes, you can.

Step 5: Insulate the Cut Wire

You’ll need vinyl tape here because it is the best medium to connect any cut wires properly. Its insulation is excellent as well. So, just wrap the cut ends of the wires and free them to the external.

Step 6: Reconnect the Battery

All these steps are done; now time to test. Reconnect the battery again, and here you’ll find the final result. Because if your procedures so far have been accurate, you’ll find the DRL disabled already. That means no more hassle anymore.

But if you don’t, you have to go through the sections and watch them individually.

Step 7: Wrap It Up

Done with everything? Now you have to reset the electrical stuff inside your car. Because once you reconnect the negative cable inside your Toyota Corolla, you’ll find your things like radio, clock, etc., go default. You need to set them up manually.


  • While working with the wire ends, ensure that the tape has been wrapped tightly and firmly. There shouldn’t be any space or gap that could generate the electric connection.
  • Turn the battery on only after you’re done with everything. Don’t underestimate the smallest of the fixation with the battery connected inside.

Some Pros and Cons of Having Daytime Running Lights of Toyota Corolla On

DLR isn’t that of a burden. You need them, but sometimes it’s okay not to have them. You know how to disable the DLR of the Toyota Corolla by now. Let’s see the two sides of the coin of DLR here.


  • DLR turns automatically when it’s darker around. You don’t get to turn it on every time you start your car
  • The light makes it easier for you to find the roads and pathways. Also enhances your vision toward your destination during driving
  • Reduces the chances of head-on collisions in two-lane driveways. This saves a lot
  • Very effective during heavy snowfall, especially during low light. You will need them while driving


  • When the DLR is on, the turn signal gets slightly overshadowed. That makes the driver on the opposite side confused
  • DLR had a high chance of distracting or confusing a driver from the opposite side. If you’re one, you’ll know how disturbing that is
  • Because of DLR, drivers often forget to turn the low beams at night. And for that, severe risk arises later
  • For the motorist behind, DLR can be disturbing because that turns the rear-view mirror into a severe distraction
  • Keeping the DLR on all the time will impact your car battery


Readers tend to find some relevant questions after reading an article. Let’s shorten the effort and put some commonly asked questions here instead.

Q: Do DLR drain the battery in the car?

No. DLR doesn’t require that much battery from the car. LED bulbs are used, and their battery consumption rate is minimal.

Q: Is it legal to drive without DLR?

In the USA, you don’t have to have DLR in your car. The county made it legal to drive without DLR, but Canada must have DLR in the car in their rule book.

Q: Do you keep DLR on at night?

At night, it is better to turn off DLR. Because the cars come from the opposite direction or due to dazzling traffic, the light could be distracting and confusing.

Final Words

You must be wondering why knowing how to disable daytime running lights of Toyota Corolla has been a must all this time. But, better late than never, you are getting to save yourself from a lot of hassle or complications from now on.

Just a thing, make sure you do the work properly following the steps mentioned above. If you can’t, just go to the mechanics; they’ll make the connections correctly.

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