How Often Change The Power Steering Fluid Toyota Camry

How Often Change The Power Steering Fluid Toyota Camry?

A power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid that transfers power to your vehicle. It works like a lubricant on your Toyota Camry power steering. Running your car without it will become dangerous for your car’s health and can cause some significant damage. You must refill the power steering fluid after a certain period.

How often change the power steering fluid Toyota Camry? Experts recommend changing your Toyota Camry’s power steering fluid every 50,000 miles. You can also change it after every two years. 

However, if you detect some symptoms of insufficient power steering fluid, you must alter it as soon as possible.

Insufficient Power Steering Fluid Symptoms

  • Increase in the effort to steer.
  • Steering Wheel Locks.
  • Vibration In Steering Wheel.
  • Noises from the Steering, etc.

Regardless, we will learn more about power steering fluid and related stuff in this article to avoid such problems.

How To Change The Power Steering Fluid In Toyota Camry?

Running low on power steering fluid causes lots of irritating problems. Sometimes, it can damage the pump system and cause a fire. That’s why you must change your Toyota Camry’s power steering fluid every two years.

Here’s how to change the power steering fluid in Toyota Camry:

  • Navigate to the power steering reservoir established in the engine container.
  • Open the hood and locate the power steering reservoir.
  • Check the fluid level; if it’s close to a minimum level, fill it with new power steering fluid.
  • Read the Toyota Camry owner’s manual to determine the type of power steering fluid your car requires.
  • Remove the cap and add new liquid to the reservoir.
  • Fill the power steering reservoir to max level and close the lid.

Make sure to run the engine to see if the car is starting correctly without any irritating noises.

Can You Drive a Toyota Camry With No Power Steering Fluid?

Yes, but it can start a fire on the pumps; more threatening, you can lose control of your Toyota Camry. You can only run your car without power steering fluid for a short time. Otherwise, you will face annoying problems when you run out of power steering fluid or notice an insufficient fluid level. Moreover, running your car on low fluid may burn your Toyota Camry’s pump. 

Power Steering Fluid Changing Cost

Depending on which type of power steering fluid your Toyota Camry is compatible, it could cost you around $9 to $70. Replacement of power steering fluid is essential to ensure your car stays healthy. Some power steering fluids come in a mid-range price of about 17$ to 30$.

However, new car owners may need help selecting the best power steering fluid for their Toyota Camry. It is challenging to justify the best power steering fluid depending on the price.

Best Power Steering Fluid for Toyota Camry

Power Steering fluid performs as a lubricant for your car’s power steering. It prevents the pumps from burning and reduces annoying noise. However, determining what power steering fluid your vehicle may need is quite challenging.

Nevertheless, here are some of the best power steering fluids for your Toyota Camry.

  • Valvoline – DEXRON®-VI ATF (Full Synthetic)
  • Prestone Power Steering Fluid + Stop Leak
  • Idemitsu Lubricants (Power Steering Fluid)
  • Dexron III Power Steering Fluid
  • Peak Original Equipment Technology Full Synthetic Asian Power Steering Fluid

All of the above Fluids are compatible with Toyota Camry.


That was all to How often change the power steering fluid of the Toyota Camry. New Toyota Camry owners may need to remember to change their power steering fluid when required. Inspect the car’s power steering fluid level and ensure it’s above the minimum.

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