How Much Can A Toyota Camry Tow

How Much Can A Toyota Camry Tow – Caution Here

You are probably here to know how much a Toyota Camry can tow.  After all, Toyota Camry has quite a number of variants that provide decent capabilities. Overall, Toyota Camry has created quite a demand in the automobile market with reliability and longevity.

How much can a Toyota Camry tow? A Toyota Camry can tow around 1200kg on average. Whereas in some versions, this amount reaches up to 1600Kg. Starting at 400Kg, the Toyota Camry can become an average car to tow some heavyweight.

Although this was a brief answer, more information is available on how much a Camry can tow. And we are going to unveil these details in this content.

Can Toyota Camry Tow A Trailer?

The simple answer is yes! The Toyota Camry can tow a trailer if the weight is within the maximum capacity. To ensure the trailer’s weight is within the car’s capability, inspect your vehicle’s average towing weight.

Most modern-day Toyota Camry has a towing capacity from 400Kg to 1200Kg. At the same time, a car trailer’s average weight can be around 1900 pounds or 860Kg. It will be best to buy an average-weight car trailer that saves enough weight to carry.

However, if it exceeds the maximum capacity, it may force your car’s engine to overheat.

And what happens if a car overheats? It damages your car’s engine and brings other issues. So, it’s better not to overreach the maximum weight to keep your car’s engine as good as new.

How Much Can A Toyota Camry Tow?

Nowadays, most Toyota Camry have a towing capacity of 3528 pounds or 1600Kg at maximum. This significance lets you carry machinery, haul other small vehicles, deliver items, drag furniture, pick up/haul junk, etc.

Most versions of the Toyota Camry’s tow capacity start from 400kg to 1100kg. The latest Toyota Camry versions can now carry up to 1600kg. Increased weight allows you to tow an 860kg car trailer and drive without overheating the engine.

How Much Can A 4 Cylinder Camry Tow?

A 4-cylinder Toyota Camry has a towing capacity of 1200Kg to 1300Kg (maximum). An average car trailer weighs around 860kg, leaving you less weight to use after hooking up the trailer.

If you intend to tow more than the specified capacity, consider using V6 Camry cars. Overall, A 4-cylinder Camry can become an average-quality vehicle that allows you to do the everyday pulling. 

What Percentage Of Towing Capacity Is Safe For Toyota Camry?

The 80/20 towing rule suggests that you should always be at most 80% of the total towing capacity. Following the 80/20 towing rule can prevent overheating your car and damaging its engine. 

The more pressure your car gets, the more heat the engine generates. Continuous overheating can get your vehicle in the worst shape. However, new drivers usually make these mistakes.

It happens when you need more experience to tow a trailer with your car. So when attached to a trailer, you must follow the rules to keep up with the safety measures.

Note: Overextending the percentage of towing will force the engine to reach beyond its peak and overheat, which can cause substantial damage.


This was all to how much a Toyota Camry can tow. Toyota Camry provides a maximum towing capacity limit of around 1200 kg and 1600 kg. It makes the Toyota Camry one of the best-selling cars in the automobile industry. However, sometimes a higher limit may be required. 

And you may want to use your Camry’s 100% towing capacity.

However, experts say you should always stay within your vehicle’s maximum towing limit.

An excellent towing capacity will help you tow a trailer and carry heavy items. But you must ensure your car has better free weight to run smoothly.

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