How To Reset Bmw Radio

How To Reset Bmw Radio – 2 Methods

Sooner or later, you may need to reset the BMW radio. Although BMW cars are some of the best cars you can find in the market, radio problems are common in older versions. However, there are manual methods to overcome radio problems in your BMW.

But how to reset BMW radio? You can let the vehicle reset itself automatically by placing your BMW car inactive for around 4 hours. If this method goes in vain, you may use power button many time in a specific pattern to fix it.

It will most likely solve your BMW radio issue. However, you can follow other approaches in this article to understand the manual method well. So, without wasting any moment, let’s begin.

Can You Reset Bmw Radio?

Yes! You can reset the BMW radio by following manual methods. To reset the Radio of your BMW, you need access to specific VIN and codes. But if you don’t have access to the numbers, the following steps are best to perform a manual reset in a BMW radio.

This is even easier than your perception. You just need to follow these steps carefully to reset the radio of your loved car.

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Why do You need To Reset Bmw Radio?

Your BMW car radio is responsible for playing music and making or receiving calls and text messages. However, the BMW Radio needs a reset to enable tuning with radio stations and to play music, including making calls or texting.

There could be multiple reasons for you to reset your BMW radio, which are:

  1. Poor radio signal reception.
  2. The radio is incapable of functioning or operating.
  3. Loss of signal or sudden radio shutdown.

How To Reset BMW Radio?

Two different methods can help you to fix the BMW radio issue. Let’s what these two methods are and how to perform them.

Method 1: Automatically Reset Of BMW Radio

It automatically resets after 4 hours; however, there’s a way to do this forcefully.

Get into your BMW and hold the power button for around 20 seconds. It will force your car to perform a manual reset. However, if the manual reset isn’t happening within 20 seconds, try to press and hold the power button for over half a minute.

Method 2: Manual Reset Of BMW Radio

If the above method doesn’t work, then try following these steps:

  1. Pinpoint the BMW power button and Press it.
  2. Press again, and this time hold it for more than a minute.
  3. Again press the power button for the last time.
  4. Now, turn on your BMW radio and rescan to catch the signals of radio stations.
  5. This method should fix your problem with resetting your BMW radio.

Make sure to apply all these methods without activating the engine.

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Why BMW Radio Not Working After Battery Change?

Many users face another issue with their BMW radio. That happens after you change the battery of your car. The radio has an anti-theft feature which starts working if the battery power is disconnected or dead. However, in rare situations, you might have a damaged radio. It often happens due to botched jump starts. 

To avoid this issue, enter the proper car radio code to get into the business again. However, contact your dealer to resolve this problem or take your car to a BMW car servicing center.


Even though it’s one of the best cars available in the market, radio issues in BMW cars are expected. This problem is more common in the older versions of BMW cars. However, there are manual methods to resolve radio issues in BMW cars. Hopefully, the above techniques will work fine to reset the BMW radio.

Also, there’s a high possibility that you will not face any BMW radio-related problems shortly.

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