How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock Of Toyota

How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock Of Toyota – Step by Step 

Imagine, You’re going to drive your car and about to go to do very important work and suddenly find that your steering wheel is looking and this will hamper your regular activities. How annoying it would be. You’ll be thinking about how you go about unlocking your steering wheel and maybe how to unlock your steering wheel without a key.

So today, we’re gonna discuss some of the easiest ways to unlock your vehicle’s steering wheels. There are 2 different methods that will help you a lot. Following this method, you can get your work done smoothly. So let’s get started. 

Methods Of Unlocking Steering Wheels

We said there is more than one method to unlock the steering wheel of a Toyota car. Here we are going to show you two different methods that are easiest. Let’s one by one.

Method 1. Using a Key

Using the key, you can unlock your vehicle’s steering wheels by following three easy processes. 

  • Step 1: Try to insert the key and turn the ignition on both at the same time and turn the wheel both ways (left-right). 
  • Step 2 Try another Key If the normal key doesn’t work, you can insert another key( random car key) and do the previous process again.
  • Step 3. Use WD40. Sometimes your steering wheel gets locked because of dirt build-up in the ignition port. There are possibilities that dirt has concealed the ignition port, so spray WD40 in and around the ignition port. 

Now, gently put the key in the port and try until it unlocks.

Method 2. Unlocking Through Ignition Set Replacement

This method will need some technical knowledge. You may need some professional assistance. And you can follow the below-described steps.

  • Step 1: Remove the Column Pannels: At first, loose the screws that hold the steering wheel. Then find out tab on the cover and press it, and thus the downside column will come off. In the same way, you can remove the upper columns as well.
  • Step 2: Free the Cylinder Lock: Release the tab in the ignition lock system and press it down and turn the key do either at the same time until the cylinder pulls backward. Keep trying this method a few times and free the lock cylinder. 
  • Step 3: Install New Lock Ignition System: Now install a new ignition lock system and try to unlock it with the old key.

 Now reinstall everything as it was before reversing the opening them. We think any method you take is enough to help you in serious situations. But if you struggle to understand our detail, then watch the video. This will help you more.

Why Toyota Camry Steering Wheel Locked Key Won’t Turn?

The steering wheel not turning is an issue that may be caused by the wheel lock. If your Toyota Camry steering wheel locked key won’t turn, there are a few things that you can do to try and fix the problem. But the main thing you have to do is unlock the steering wheel.  

To do that, you may follow the above-mentioned methods. But if that does not work, you may do some more things. First, make sure that all of the bolts on the steering wheel are tight. Next, check whether or not your car battery is strong enough to power the lock. 

If it’s not, then you may need to replace your car battery. Finally, if none of these solutions work, you may need to have a locksmith change the security code for your steering wheel.

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Do Steering Wheel Locks Prevent Theft?

Steering wheel locks are one way that you can protect your car from theft, but they do not guarantee against the crime. In fact, studies have shown that while they may reduce the number of thefts in certain areas, they also increase the amount of time needed to break into a vehicle.

Instead of using a steering wheel lock, it’s often best to simply remove valuables such as electronics and cash before leaving your car unattended. This will make it less likely for thieves to target your vehicle in the first place. And if you ever experience trouble with your car or think that it has been stolen, contact the police immediately.

Can You Unlock A Toyota Steering Wheel Without The Key?

While it is possible to unlock a Toyota steering wheel without the key, this is not recommended because it can cause irreparable damage to the vehicle. So, you should not try it. But there can be any emergency, and you may have to avoid key to unlock.

If you need to perform this task, you should use an external override device that attaches to the car’s existing locking system. This will Prevent others from being able to start your car if they find the override unit.

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As we said, you may find yourself in a hard situation if you suddenly see the steering wheel is locked. But if you can follow our steps to unlock the whole steering. This will help a lot, we hope. There are some more discussions on our blog that will help you understand the vehicle issues easily. Thanks for reading from us.

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