How Often To Change Brake Fluid Toyota Corolla

How Often To Change Brake Fluid Toyota Corolla?

Brake fluid is one of those essentials of your Toyota Corolla that you can’t go without. It helps to stop your car in a timely manner, making it an important part of your safety on the road. But like any other essential, brake fluid needs to be replaced on a regular basis to keep it in good working order. 

But how often to change the brake fluid of your Toyota Corolla? For every 32,000 km or 20,000 miles of drive, you have to change the brake fluid of your Toyota Corolla. If you hardly drive and can’t reach this amount of drive in two years, then you have to change this fluid every 2 years.

In this article, we’ll teach you how often to change your brake fluid Toyota Corolla based on the type of brake pads that you’re using. We will also discuss other things related to brake fluid change. So, let’s start.

Is It Necessary To Change Toyota Corolla Brake Fluid?

In most cases, yes! Brake fluid is a vital component of your car’s braking system. Toyota Corolla owners should change the brake fluid when it shows signs of being low or when the light in the dashboard flashes to indicate that it needs to be changed.

There are so many reasons to change the brake fluid. Let’s see these reasons.

  • Brake effectiveness: When the brake fluid is low, the pedal feels softer, and the car’s braking response will be less effective.
  • Safety: If the brake fluid isn’t Working effectively or if there’s a safety hazard with it (like rust or contamination), then changing it can help ensure your safety while driving.
  • Clarity of brakes: A cloudy appearance to your brakes could mean that they’re dirty and In need of a fresh flush of fluid to keep them looking and operating at their best.
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS): If you have an ABS system, the brake fluid needs to be changed every 3 years or 24000 miles, whichever comes first.

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How Often To Change Brake Fluid Toyota Corolla?

The brake fluid change time can be explained in two ways. One is time, and another one is mileage. If we try to explain this in time-based, then it will be 2 years. The Toyota Corolla manufacturer recommends replacing brake fluid every 2 years or when the fluid shows signs of being low.

But if we think about the mileage, then you have to change the brake fluid after you drive your vehicle every 20,000 miles. In kilometers, it will be 32,000 km. We hope now it is clear.

You can also depend on the dashboard light to understand when to change the brake fluid on your Toyota Corolla. There is a light in the car dashboard that glows when the fluid must change. In some cases, it will glow the maintenance light.

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At What Mileage Should Toyota Corolla Brake Fluid Be Changed?

The mileage depends on the type of fluid you are using. We know there are different types of fluid that have different mileage. But according to the manufacturer, you must change this fluid in every 2 years or 20,000 miles.

If you look at the types of brake fluid, then the following will help you.

  • DOT 3 brake fluid should be replaced every 24 months or 20,000 miles.
  • DOT 4 brake fluid can last up to 36 months or 36,000 miles before it needs to be replaced.
  • DOT 5 fluid should be replaced every 3 years or 70,000 miles.

Here are some of the fluids that will provide you with longer mileage. You can try them and know the price from the link.

What Happens If You Don’t Change Toyota Corolla Brake Fluid?

As the brake fluid plays an important role in making your car’s operation smooth. So, if you don’t change the fluid for a long time, then your car will face so many problems. Here are some of the problems that will happen if you don’t change the Toyota Corolla Brake fluid:

  • Sluggish Braking: The brake system will not be able to stop the car quickly enough, which may cause you to get involved in an accident.
  • Poor Performance in Cold Weather: If there is poor performance when it comes to stopping on a cold day, then this means that the brake fluid has been frozen and needs to be replaced with fresh fluid.
  • Damaged Brakes: Not changing your brake fluid can lead to rust or corrosion on the rotor, which could eventually damage your brakes completely.

How Much Does Toyota Corolla Brake Fluid Change Cost?

The brake fluid changing cost depends on things like the types of fluid you are using and the mechanic cost. But we can say Toyota Corolla brake fluid changing will cost from $60 to $100, depending on a few things.

We already show you some high-mileage fluid and their price. You may select from there. We can say you will cost the fluid from $10 to 25$. Now talk about mechanic cost. This depends on the area you live in. It may be $30 to $50. But we think you can change this fluid at home by watching the following video. That will help a lot and save you cost.


If you’re driving a Toyota Corolla for the first time, you might wonder how often to change the brake fluid. We hope this article helped you a lot to find your answer. Brake fluid is a vital part of your car’s braking system and should be replaced regularly with the highest priority. This guide already told you when to replace your brake fluid and how to do it safely and correctly. Thanks for reading!

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